Something else for know-nothing Michelle Malkin to bitch about..

Oh-oh, new Garbage CD due out and we read this:

…Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl sits in on the drums for the menacing “Bad Boyfriend,” but it’s the confessional title track Bleed Like Me”–part “Walk on the Wild Side,” part therapy session for former cutter Manson–that shatters Garbage’s image as the ultimate non-stick studio band. “You should see my scars,” goes the chorus. And, for once, Manson is actually willing to reveal them.

Malkin famously/ridiculously dipped her toe in a culture that she wouldn’t recognize if it smacked her upside her head with an industrial piercing when she wrote: THE NEW YOUTH CRAZE: SELF-MUTILATION.

Maybe she should write something on the new blogger craze: RE-DOING YOUR HEAD SHOT SO IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE BELLS PALSY.

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