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Wingnut trouble brewing: if Repugs don't shape up, vote Dem or third party

According to his bio, Adam Graham was Montana State Coordinator for the Alan Keyes campaign in 2000, and made his own bid for the Idaho State House. That would place him firmly on the winger edge. He has an interesting column on Keyes’s Renew America web site that’s a clear call to the disaffected bible-beater set that feels it’s been short-changed on the cultural wars by Chimpy and Co.

The big news here is that Graham is calling for wingnuts to consider voting for Democrats, if they pass the anti-choice/anti-homo smell test. There are plenty of conservative Dems in the South and West, so there’s fertile territory for a shift; he’s not blowing smoke.

That’s big bad news for queen Ken Mehlman, who has to attempt to pacify the Beltway elite of his party while holding on to the foaming-at-the-mouth American Taliban crowd. This guy is pissed.

Republicans love our votes. As the GOP has run on a platform of traditional values, Religious conservatives joined the GOP in droves. Without the votes of religious conservatives, Republicans would have a hard time in the South and much of the West.

However, there are Republicans and I’m sad to say a growing number of them, who want to take our votes and our hard work, and give us nothin in return. It should come as no great surprise that the first great promise of the campaign President Bush backed away from was his push for a Constitutional Amendment on gay marriage. Defenders of the President may point out that Bush is correct in stating that the Amendment has little chance of passage.

Granting that argument, why did Bush push it during the campaign? After all, the election of 2004 was a best case scenario for supporters of traditional marriage. There’s no way he could have ended up in a better position to push the Amendment. The only reasonable conclusion is that the President said he’d push for the Amendment to get our votes.

…If Rudy Giuliani can remain a Republican and even be a top contender for the White House after backing Mario Cuomo’s re-election in 1994, why should religious conservatives feel that supporting Republican candidates is a requirement of being in the GOP?

If a pro-family Democrat is running against an anti-family Republican, back the Democrat. If neither candidate is right on the issues than back neither or support a third party. If a socially conservative third party garners significant support and the Republican loses, a message will be sent loud and clear.

Keyes and his supporters may be the fringe, but look at how vocal and growing the fringe element of the GOP is. The establishment Repugs are going to have to figure out something other than the bait-and-switch plan…the sheeple are finally figuring out that they have been used. And they won’t sit back and take it.

At least the bible-beating AmTaliban will make a stink about it — unlike the many Dems that are willing to roll over and toss out progressive principles and chase the fraudulent “values” voter bloc.

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