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New member of the activist reality-based community – check out MailtoBlog

You want easy activism? Here’s a great place to stop to find out the latest intolerant activities of the wingnuts and to help combat them.

MailtoBlog ( provides a way to counter the wingers at their strength — e-mail campaigns. Several issues a week are covered, focusing on human rights. Each topic covered has email-embedded links so that you can take action and contact the people that need to hear an opposing viewpoint, since we know the Right effectively floods the inboxes of influential people and decision-makers.

The blog already has action items up countering the American Family Association, homophobic columnists, and and a medical school in NY that has banned an organization for LGBT students. Check it out, and Freep better than the Freepi themselves.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding