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More of the unhinged Right react to the California gay marriage ruling

John “Box Turtle” Cornyn is ready for another round of FMA.

[UPDATE: I gathered up some additional winger comments, added at the end, from Agape Press.]

Last night I posted the Freeper reaction to the ruling that California’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. They were completely over-the-top. The “mainstream” wingnuts had to sleep on it, and now they are out with their guns blazing. (SFGate):

Conservative backers of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage say a San Francisco judge’s ruling Monday that may pave the way for such marriages in California will help spark their renewed effort in Congress to pass the constitutional ban.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a major supporter of the amendment, said Monday’s ruling showed how gay activists and sympathetic judges are overturning the will of voters and state legislatures. California voters passed a ballot measure in 2000 with 62 percent of the vote that limited marriage to heterosexual couples.

“Although this was just a lower court ruling, it’s a vivid reminder that opponents of traditional marriage have not given up their effort to overturn the will of the people,” Cornyn said Monday.

Concerned Women for America’s Robert Knight and highly lacquered Jan LaRue are caterwauling about the decision. Sweet.

…Religious conservative groups reacted angrily to Kramer’s ruling. The Concerned Women for America issued a statement calling the judge’s decision nonsensical and urging that Kramer be removed from the bench.

Robert Knight, the director of the group’s Culture and Family Institute, said the ruling was as irrational as the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s decision allowing same-sex couples to be wed in the Bay State.

These judges are no longer acting rationally, and are imposing their own radical agenda, ignoring the law and the will of the people,” Knight said.

“This trial court ruling will be appealed and reversed unless the appellate courts are content to allow a rogue judge to make a mockery of the state Constitution and turn rational basis into a meaningless term,” added Concerned Women for America’s chief counsel, Jan LaRue.

…Evangelical Christian groups, which take credit for helping re-elect Bush, gave the White House an ultimatum before the president’s State of Union speech in February: Lobby for the marriage amendment or we won’t support the president’s other initiatives, including overhaul of Social Security.

Here’s a few more choice comments from the AFA propaganda organ, Agape Press

Randy Thomasson of the Sacramento-based Campaign for Children and Families says Kramer’s legal logic is “twisted.”

“This is not an equal protection case,” the CCF spokesman says. “Every adult Californian already has equal access to marriage as proved by law, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Instead, this actually is the establishment of a completely new privilege that never existed before.”

And Kramer, he adds, is an “arrogant San Francisco judge” who apparently “hates marriage and the voters” — a reference to Proposition 22. “Kramer has trashed the people’s vote … and violated his oath to uphold the law instead of making new laws out of his own head,” Thomasson says. “This is the worst type of judge.”

Randy Thomasson, Lou “out of his mind” Sheldon, and Larry Jacobs of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society have homos on their minds.

Louis Sheldon, chairman of Traditional Values Coalition in Washington, DC, agrees with Thomasson. “The decision issued by [Kramer] … is yet another example of judicial tyranny,” Sheldon says in a press release, “and makes it clearer than ever that California needs a constitutional amendment to protect marriage.”…”Maybe [Kramer’s] decision will serve as a wake-up call to California citizens to get behind [the two] proposed constitutional amendments that ban homosexual marriage, civil unions, and any other fake marriage arrangements,” Sheldon adds.

Larry Jacobs is vice president of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society in Rockford, Illinois. Jacobs says threats to family stability — such as divorce, promiscuity, and working parents — have never been more serious than they are now. “This is not the time to be venturing into misguided social experiments with marriage,” he says. The Howard Center official says the wide gap between popular opinion and that of the “elite” portends that something has to give. “Usually it foreshadows a political revolution — like the takeover of the House of Representatives in 1994,” he says. “Those who oppose the natural family are on the wrong side of history and thus are in danger of being swept away by the coming tide.”

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