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Wingnut Tony Perkins: abortion and homosexual lobbies – a perfect pairing

Tony Perkins, of FRC continues nipping at the heels of the Left, unabated.

Does this demonizing crap not stop? If only the Dems could be so consistent and persistent in fighting off the completely fraudulent arguments coming out of the right-wing propaganda machines. I do envy the ability of the AmTaliban to stay on message. (AgapePress):

The close relationship between homosexual and pro-abortion advocacy groups has grown even closer. The chief executive officer of the leading abortion political action committee, EMILY’s List, has been named president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest homosexual lobbying group. The president of the Family Research Council observed recently that, although it might initially appear to most that homosexuality and abortion are unrelated subjects, there are many similarities between the aims of their proponents. According to [Tony] Perkins, both the abortion and homosexual lobbies, upon failing to win their arguments in the public square, turn to activist courts to further their agendas. Also, the FRC spokesman notes, while both groups claim they want the government to stay out of the bedroom, their philosophy ends when it comes to facing the consequences of their constituents’ actions; then they are all for government-funded abortions or taxpayer subsidies for programs to address AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. “In addition,” Perkins asserts, “the abortion and homosexual advocates cry ‘free speech’ when they try to put their preternatural agenda, yet they are the first to applaud censorship of religion when it speaks out in defense of traditional culture.” Although one group is trying to redefine family and the other hopes to redefine life, the FRC president says the abortion and homosexual lobbies with their equally extremist anti-family agendas may be, on second glance, a perfect pair.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding