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Perhaps this is what the American Taliban has in mind for homo control

This happened in Saudi Arabia, but I’m pretty sure we could find a few members of our American Taliban that would see this as a good thing. It’s a multi-pronged kind of justice from their perspective. The Saudi culture is hostile if you are openly gay – so for two gay men to kill another for threatening to expose their homosexuality is no surprise there. This story gets bonus points because the two men are then executed. That’s three fewer homos to sully the Kingdom. (Independent Online):

Saudi Arabia has executed two men who beat to death a Pakistani to stop him exposing their “shameful” homosexual relationship, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

It said Ahmed al-Enezi and Shahir al-Roubli, both Saudis, ran over Malik Khan in their car, beat him on the head with stones and set fire to his corpse “fearing they would be exposed after the victim witnessed them in a shameful situation“.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Saudi Arabia, a deeply conservative Muslim kingdom which implements a strict version of sharia Islamic law. Convicted murderers, rapists and drug traffickers are usually executed in public. The ministry said the two men were executed in the northern town of Arar, close to the border with Iraq.

Saudi Arabia has put to death at least 21 pople so far this year. At least 35 people were executed last year and 53 in 2003.

Lest we forget the American-style version of this kind of justice…

Renie Phillips, mother of murder victim Richie Phillips, chokes back tears as she testifies about her son.

* Richie Phillips: Beaten, strangled, stuffed into a suitcase and dumped into a lake in Elizabethtown, KY. His killer, Joshua Cottrell, 23, used the “gay panic” defense, claiming Phillips made an unwanted sexual advance on him after Cottrell lured the gay man to his hotel room (the murderer’s own aunt said he killed Phillips on purpose).

* Billy Jack Gaither: In rural Coosa County Alabama, the 39-year-old was slashed with a pocketknife, beaten with an ax handle, and burned on a pile of tires by two guys because “he was queer.” Steven Eric Mullins, one of his killers, said in a police confession “I had to ’cause he was a faggot.”. At trial, however, a number of witnesses came forward to allege that Steve Mullins himself had been involved in homosexual acts, and may have, in fact known or been involved with Gaither (sounds terribly familiar to the revisionist smear on Matthew Shepard by ABC’s 20/20).

* Scotty Joe Weaver: a gay 18-year-old that was tied to a chair in his trailer in rural Pine Grove, AL, where he was beaten, strangled, stabbed, mutilated, and partially decapitated over a period of several hours. His body was then dumped in the woods and set on fire, just like Gaither‘s. Detectives say the murderers’ primary motive was robbery, but that they did select Scotty as their victim because he was gay

* James Maestas: 21, attacked by five men, beaten to unconsciousness, after having lunch with several female friends at a Santa Fe restaurant. The five men followed the group to the hotel and along the way they “pumped” themselves up by talking about “fucking those faggots up”.

And, of course, we have the recent gay-bashing in Chapel Hill.

It all points to the fact that we don’t need sharia law here to get the same results in the good old US of A, as long as we have the Dobsons, Falwells and the like stoking the violence against gays, letting the violent cretins of society mete out their own sense of sick “justice” as they see fit. Same deal, same results.

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