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Jeebus is my investment banker…

Austin Pryor, guiding your investments, one prayer at a time.

I had no clue there was a market out there for Christian investment advice, since it seems kind of, well, inappropriate. Is the acquisition of wealth and the worldly goods one of the guiding principles in the Bible (help me out here, pastordan)? I know it’s clearly been a priority of Jim Bakker, Benny Hinn and a whole host of so-called spiritual leaders, who sleep like babies at night while ripping off the sheeple, but is this really some kind of mainstream thinking taught from the pulpit?

Here we have one Austin Pryor of Sound Mind Investing writing a little self-promotion piece for the American Family Association’s propaganda organ AgapePress.

The right investing decision is one that is consistent with a specific, biblically sound long-term strategy you’ve adopted. One common trait that I find among many of those I counsel is that their current investment portfolio tends to be a random collection of “good deals” and assorted savings accounts. Each investment appears to have been made on its own merits without much thought of how it fit into the whole.

The right investing decision is one where you’ve taken plenty of time to pray and to seek trusted, experienced Christian counsel. Because your decisions have long-term implications, you should take all the time you need to become informed. Don’t be in a hurry; there’s no deadline. A good friend once commented to me: “The Christian life isn’t a destination; it’s a way of travel.” Likewise, you’re not under pressure to predict the best possible portfolio for the next six months or make next year’s big killing. Your goal is to settle into a comfortable investing lifestyle that will serve you well for decades.

You need time to pray, ask for the counsel of others, and reflect. You should consider the alternatives, examine your motives, and continue praying until you have peace in the matter. If you’re married, you should pray with your spouse and talk it out until you reach mutual agreement. You’re in this together and, rain or shine, you both must be willing to accept responsibility for the decision. This will add to your steadfastness during the occasional rough sledding along the way.

The piece wraps up with info on this guy’s company: Published since 1990, Sound Mind Investing is America’s best-selling financial newsletter written from a biblical perspective. To see how their specific saving and investing advice can benefit you, visit them online.

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