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He'd be a Darwin Award nominee – except he's not dead

Georgia Man Accused Of Setting Up Meth Lab In K-Mart Bathroom (News4Jax). Unfortunately to win a Darwin Award, which “salutes the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways,” this guy didn’t blow himself up cooking meth.

A man who created suspicion by collecting items from various department of K-Mart and taking them into the restroom just before closing time Wednesday arrested after police said they found him operating a methamphetamine lab in the bathroom.

According to Kingsland police, store security began watching Eddie Young, 34, when he came back into the store after making a purchase. After seeing Young get a Coleman lantern from sporting goods and various over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacy area, they said he took the items into the store’s restroom.

Store employees reportedly went into the bathroom to tell Young the store was closing in a few minutes, they became even more suspicious and notified police. Finding a powder that tested positive for methamphetamine in the bathroom, Young was arrested for possession of items to manufacture methamphetamines and possession of a controlled substance.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding