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GodZella pimping himself with the Rev. Teletubby

I’m so tired of Zell Miler prostituting himself to the Religious Right as a “Democrat” whose party has left him for the moral gutter. The former Georgia governor and senator has made a fool out of himself most of the time — his unhinged challenge to a duel to Hardball’s Chris Matthews is now legendary. It’s fraudulent for him to continue to trot his sorry ass out every time a wingnut picks up the phone to stroke his ego. When you read this pathetic article written by Rev. Teletubby for WingNutDaily, practically planting a big wet one on Zell’s country *ss for speaking at Liberty University. (WorldNetDaily):

Sen. Zell Miller, the lifelong Democrat who broke party ranks to support George W. Bush in the 2004 election, spoke to an overflow audience of 10,000 students, faculty and staff at Liberty University on March 9, urging our young people to live out their lives of faith within a culture that is increasingly forsaking the foundational truths of the Bible. In his speech, Sen. Miller advocated the acceptance of the Ten Commandments in the public square and a return to biblical values in America.

“The admonition that you cannot serve God and mammon hits us between the eyes and forces us to choose on issues like public displays of the Ten Commandments, or abortion on demand, or stem-cell research or homosexual marriage,” Sen. Miller stated. He called same-sex marriage “a very dangerous social experiment” and denounced “activist judges” who have placed their stamp of approval on it.

The one-time Georgia governor reminded the audience that a beautiful depiction of Moses handing down the Ten Commandments appears at the U.S. Supreme Court building: “It is the perfect display for the highest court in our land, for it was the Ten Commandments that provided the foundation of not only our moral law, but our judicial law.”

He continued, “Larger than life, Moses is shown displaying the Ten Commandments in one of the most public places, in our nation’s capital city. So why not in our schools, in our city halls and our courthouses across this Christian nation?”

Sen. Miller believes America is at a pivotal historic place as despisers of our Judeo-Christian culture accelerate their attempts to conceal and deny our nation’s Christian heritage.

The legend lives on…

“We have reached a critical juncture as a nation,” he stated firmly. “If we continue to allow indecency in our courts, in our schools, entertainment, businesses and in our nation’s capital, we will go the way of those other civilizations that first rotted and then disappeared. But if we replace this deficit of decency with common sense, compassion, tough love and the truth of God’s word, our example of liberty and freedom will become a beacon throughout the world.”

…”There’s always an ongoing struggle between liberty and tyranny, between good and evil,” said Sen. Miller. “And we must always make a choice between the two.”

Zell doesn’t have a problem at all giving “legitimacy” to the AmTaliban — the Freeper crowd loves this guy (is that a surprise?). As far as I can tell, Zell no longer holds any positions remotely resembling Democratic values.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding