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Freepers pushing Jeb in '08, but still obsess over Condi

Love the Freepers. I haven’t pulled some quotes in a while. They started ruminating about Jeb-based tickets in ’08 as a result of a squib in a Bob “The Prince of Darkness” Novak column. Strange thing is, they just can’t stop talking about Condi Rice.

Actual Freeper Quotes™



“Tommy Franks/Jeb Bush”

“I’d like to see either:

“If Jeb is anything like his brother I don’t think we can afford the bill.” [Bahahahahaha!]

GOP politicians agree that five Bush presidential nominations out of the last six campaigns would be one too many for the country to take.”

“I like girls. Especially the smart, experienced and very savvy ones like: Elizabeth Dole/Connie Rice That’ll get my vote.”

“Actually, Governor John Ellis Jeb Bush would actually make a great Republican Presidential candidate for the following reasons: 1. He’s a governor of a very populous state. 2. He is well-liked and quite popular. 3. He speaks Spanish fluently, which means he can easily court the increasingly powerful Hispanic vote. That type of credentials is a major winning combination that is very hard to beat.”

“Not unless he saves Terri!!”

Condi won’t pick Jeb – wouldn’t be prudent — but instead will look to Senator Santorum to shore up her conservative credentials, and lock up Pennsylvania which, as we have found out is an essential electoral collegel state. here you have it – the definitive 2008 inside scoop.”

[OK, Blenders, read the following quote and tell me what the hell is this conspiracy they are talking about? WTF?]

“Elizabeth Dole was either too incompentent or too compromised to EVER even mention the fact one Bill Clinton had been definitively proven to have been the source for tainted prison plasma which infected countless recipients of various blood derivatives fractionated in Canada. She sat on the story through two election cycles, leaving the party to prattle about bimbo eruptions instead of the bad blood which might have blown a hole in one of his most shrill constituencies … the Log Cabin sorts the GOP’s been courting in earnest since 2000.”

Quayle/Bush” [OMG – is this person on crack?]

“Jeb Bush/Condi Rice 2008”

“A Jeb Bush/Condi Rice ticket would be my choice for two reasons: I really do think it would be great for the country and I think it’s an unbeatable ticket.”

“For the reasons that Jeb would be an excellent candidate, add to that brilliant, stylish Condi pulling the votes of women and blacks, and we’d have a landslide. Frankly, I can’t think of anyone else who would come close to having that high probability of win.”

“Now living in Florida, I’ve seen a lot of Jeb Bush. The man is PERFECT for the job of VP or P. There is something about him I can trust and I think many people, both on the left and right, feel the same way.”

“I think Condi is great, but I am not sure she would be perceived as being ready to run for president. She may well be ready, but perceptions matter — she would need to get elected. But 8 years as a VP under Bush, would make her a shoo-in afterwards. And if we would get 8 years of Jeb/Condi, then another 8 with Condi as president, by the end of that Democrats would be extinct — they would have all moved to France.”

“Rice probably could reduce the landslide margin by which Hillary would beat another GOP candidate among blacks, and possibly among women. But whose to say those gains wouldn’t be offset by a loss of support from the base? We know she is liberal on racial preferences (like Bush), so that probably bodes ill for her stance on other social and cultural issues.”

“Where is she on marriage? Abortion? Immigration? Second Amendment? Judges?”

“All this talk of femme candidates is sorta silly, though. The GOP will deliver the first openly-gay nomination before it backs a woman for President. That foundation was being laid as early as the 2000 convention when, instead of giving the slot to some pro-lifer like Keyes, they proudly featured their openly homosexual Republican speaker at the convention. Mark my words.”

“Personally, despite his doing a fine job as FL Gov., I don’t think he brings much to the ticket, other than the name. The lib media will have a field day with the whole “corrupt dynasty of stealing elections” crap.”

“In the current political climate I agree with you. I just don’t see a woman president anytime soon for America. Even Hilligula I dont’ believe the dems will nominate. They’ll run some white very high IQ, smooth talking, communist, wealthy elitist, male.”

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