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Attention Oregon Residents! March 19 Peace Gathering in Lincoln City

Saturday, March 19th will be the second anniversary of the war in Iraq. Two members of the Lincoln City Artist’s collective Casbah, Sharon Maribona and Ken McCormack, are organizing a peace gathering to mark the event. It will be held at Highway 101 at E. Devil’s Lake by the Factory Outlet Mall in Lincoln City, from 11am to 1pm.

According to Sharon, the gathering has been okayed by the police and the city hall of Lincoln City. If you live near the Lincoln County area, please come by and visit. There will be speakers, and they are encouraging everyone to bring signs and prayers and make their own statements as well. They’re also trying to scare up somebody to sing, so if you’re of that particular bent drop Sharon an email. She is a very nice lady, a good friend, and will also happily answer any questions you may have about the gathering.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you need more info you can also feel free to email me.

I will be adding updates regarding the march as needed to this post, so check back for any changes.

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