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Today would have been my mom's 70th birthday

Wedding day.

My mom, Shirley Barbara Atwell, would have been 70 today. She passed on in 1997 from lung cancer; I miss her dearly, and think about her often. Thankfully my mom didn’t suffer a long illness. I’ve never smoked myself, but I’ve not only lost my mom but two other friends to lung cancer.

The pic on the left (click to enlarge) is from a contest in the local paper. Mom won 25,000 free savings stamps. The clip is from June 16, 1963, so she’s mondo pregnant with me. I remember her continuing to do those booklets of stamps when I was little. I can’t remember what she ever redeemed with them. Mom with me, leaving the hospital in Durham, NC in 1963.

I never smoked because I witnessed my mom cough suddenly up blood at the dinner table when we were kids. I never forgot that image. She spent time in the hospital for a clot in the lung. It was touch and go, but she recovered, and quit smoking. She was smoke-free for several years, but the stress of divorce and raising two kids with not a lot of money in crime-ridden NY during the late 70s drove her back to smoking.

But enough of that. Tim and I had many good years with Mom and I cherish all the good times, and even the hard times. Here’s to you mom — I’ll go out and do some gardening for you, and plant your favorite impatiens when the last frost passes.

A web page I made after she passed away is here.

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