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Bye Blue, hello Green?

Shakespeare’s Sister is shaking the tree. I hope a whole orchard’s worth of fruit doesn’t fall on her head because she’s asking the third-rail question — why should progressives even waste their time on the Dems when our investment gets us little or nothing in return? A snippet:

If you are, like me, a true progressive, you’re being let down by the Democrats. They can’t pull together an effective opposition, they can’t deliver a concise message, and they sell out liberal interests in a heartbeat as they make a break for a muddy middle, which they inexplicably remain convinced will help them win elections. I’m finding myself increasingly required to defend positions (such as gay rights or legal abortion)-to other Dems-that shouldn’t even be in question. And to boot, many career Dems are just as beholden to special interests as the GOP and are motivated little by the needs of the people they are meant to represent.

Historically, we’ve insisted on sticking with the two-party system for understandable reasons. If we split the liberal vote, then the GOP will get control of everything. Well, look where our determined solidarity has gotten us. They control the White House, both Houses of Congress, and a large swath of the judiciary, with the Supreme Court looking to go more conservative in short order as well. So how much sense does it make, I wonder, to continue compromising on what we really want, only to end up with what we really feared.

Right on, Sister. I don’t know how effective we can be at retaking the party either; I think it will be telling in how effective Howard Dean is as leader of the Dem party. If he becomes a Dem pod person, droning on about moderation that compromises gays, a woman’s right to choose and commitment to the separation of church and state, I’d say the party is too f*cked to salvage. At that point going third party cannot do any worse for us than what we’ve witnessed in the last 15 years of Dem movement to the center and a Repug takeover of everything.

Is this Dean’s future?

Remember, the party started going centrist with Clinton and he gave us DOMA and DADT. Gays have been cast to the wolves by both national parties, so there’s not much to lose, other than to keep our bags out of the attic in case we need to flee to Canada before the AmTaliban loads us onto the boxcars headed for the “ex-gay” camps.

If you’re a woman, you’re quickly realizing that your womb is not your own, as far as this administration is concerned, and that the Dems are trying to curry favor with the anti-choice voters at the same time your rights are under attack. It doesn’t sound like we’re getting our money’s worth for our commitment to the Democratic Party.

Centrist Dems (and even allegedly progressive ones in the blogosphere) have decided that “we have to choose our battles.” The caving of party discipline over the bankruptcy bill perfectly illustrates that there isn’t a sliver of daylight between the parties when it comes to allegiance over corporate money and campaign ambitions.

So far I haven’t seen too many legislative battles that Dems have been willing to go to the mat for us on — aside from Social Security, and Chimpy’s plan is self-destructing — that can hardly be considered a “victory”, that would be a TKO.

The Establishment Dem’s sh*t is starting to stink like a dirty baby nappy in the hot sunshine of a Tar Heel summer. They need to wake up and toss the crap out.

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