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Bush is calling for his "mommy," Karen Hughes

One gets the feeling that Bush’s camp must be in some amount disarray if he’s calling for Hatchet Mommy Hughes to come back to the White House to provide strategy and brainpower. My guess, even though the article denies it, is that the reality of his SocSec dismantling plan’s poor reception is sinking in, and Chimpy’s getting testy and sore. So now Mommy has to be flown in to rock the baby, and tell him he’s smart and loved by the sheeple. (Houston Chronicle):

Karen Hughes, the longtime adviser to President Bush often described as the most powerful woman ever to work in the White House, plans to return to Washington soon to rejoin the president’s team as he sets forth on an ambitious second-term agenda, White House officials and outside Republican advisers said.

Seen as a virtual alter ego for Bush who understands how he thinks better than any other adviser, Hughes helped the president build his administration as his counselor in the first term before her surprise resignation in April 2002 to return to Texas with her family. Her forceful presence and physical stature helped cement her position as a key player in any policy decision.

…Several Republicans close to the White House were heartened at word of her return. “Obviously, she’s far and away the president’s inner voice in many ways,” said Wayne Berman, a longtime GOP operative close to the White House. “It’s very valuable for any president, particularly at a time when we’re at war, to have someone who has that kind of special sense of his words and views and thinking.”

Hughes’ return to Washington will come at a time when Bush has embarked on a variety of bold but controversial domestic initiatives, including drives to restructure Social Security, rewrite the U.S. tax code, crack down on frivolous lawsuits and liberalize policy toward illegal immigrants.

…”The president’s got a lot of major battles, and he and Karen really do think alike,” said another Republican adviser who asked not to be named. “A second term is really about taking on big projects that you cannot take on in other circumstances.”

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