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Official Prayers for the Chimperor, courtesy of the Freepers

I’m not sh*tting you. This site is for real — Pray for President Bush. I thought this was a joke, but it’s not. In fact, the Freepers have a running post each day on the daily prayer for our jokester President – it’s up to “Pray for President Bush – Day 1635.”

Really, I don’t have a problem with praying for the President in principle; but any site that says the following deserves some scrutiny (my emphasis):

“ is a non-denominational, non-partisan ministry dedicated to lifting up President George W. Bush in Prayer as he serves this country as President of the United States. For over four years, God-fearing Americans have gathered to lift up the man whom God has placed in the office of the Presidency

Flipping through this site, I came across a page, Action Items, that I eventually expected to find, which nukes any pretense of being non-partisan, even after the above lunacy…

Please lift our President Up In Prayer in the following areas:
l Pray that God would be with our Commander In Chief and this nation throughout all overseas conflicts, including the efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Phillipines, and beyond.”
l Pray that in every matter, President Bush will be in the center of God’s will for his life and for the life of this nation.
l Pray for stability for this people in time of war.
l Pray that any anti-Bush anti-war propaganda will be exposed for what it is and that in all things the truth will prevail.
l Pray that President Bush & those in his administration would have Godly discernment and wisdom in dealing with the decisions which face them.
l Pray for the safety of President Bush, Mrs. Bush, their daughters, and all who are near and dear to them.
l Pray for the safety of members of his administration and for the safety of our military.
Pray for wisdom for the leaders of our military.
l Pray for our P.O.W.s and their families and friends.
l Pray for minimal losses in the way of “collateral damage.”
l Pray for the enemies of this nation and freedom, that a change would occur in their hearts; and, if not,that they will no longer be able to have any influence over people ever again.
l Pray for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan as they rebuild their countries after their historic elections.
l Pray that any further plots against this nation will be made known before they are able to be carried out, and that all who are working actively for the destruction of this nation will be revealed and brought to justice.

[snipped out much more drivel, including one on abortion.]

Again, I have no problem with the idea of prayer or praying for guidance and wisdom for your leader (hey, this fool needs all the help he can get), but don’t say it isn’t partisan when it is. This is the work of the Freepi and friends.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding