Like setting a volleyball on a baseball tee

Some nights it’s easier than others.

Take this about Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson’s close friends now really fear that he will commit suicide. I am not kidding. The scene this morning at the courthouse in Santa Maria has convinced people who ordinarily do not say these things that Jackson is in serious mental trouble.

Because, up until now, he seemed so normal.

Then there is this:

DeLay Treated for Heart Condition

About 5000 bloggers just made the same joke.

Finally, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Nancy Grace for the first time this evening going on and on and on and on and on and on about Michael Jackson’s PJ’s. Existential horror has nothing on an hour with Grace. When I read her bio I came across this:

A lover of Shakespearean literature, Grace’s plan to become an English professor was derailed by the random murder of her fiancé. The incident propelled her to enroll in law school and set her on the path to become a felony prosecutor and an outspoken victims’ rights advocate.

Trust me on this one. He wasn’t murdered: it was suicide and a mercy killing at that.

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