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Things got ugly at the Indiana state house over gay marriage

Indiana State Troopers attempt to calm the situation between the supporters and opponents of the state marriage amendment.

Yipes. Indiana was already dealing with the Rotting Cryptkeeper parading about with his “God Hates Fags” campaign, and now they are attempting to trade blows in the Statehouse over gay marriage. (The Indy Channel):

Troopers intervened at the Statehouse Tuesday as verbal exchanges between supporters and opponents of a proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage threatened to escalate.

The confrontation happened at a rally where about 1,000 people expressed support for the proposed amendment inside the Statehouse. Some people from an earlier rally outside the building — one that protested the proposal — went inside and heckled the speakers.

Two people tried to grab one of the primary hecklers, but others intervened and prevented any violence. State troopers then stepped between the two groups, preventing one side with making physical contact with the other, RTV6’s Norman Cox reported.

Eric isn’t crazy about homos, and he’s a strong “Sanctity of Life” advocate.

An organizer of the pro-amendment rally, former gubernatorial candidate Eric Miller, spoke over the hecklers, arguing that children must not be taught that there is no difference between traditional and same-sex marriage.

Our children must continue to be taught that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Miller said.

As the amendment supporters left the building, people against the amendment chanted slogans demanding equal treatment for gays and lesbians.

Troopers diffuse a confrontation between a heckler and a man who tried to get him to stop. About 500 people against the amendment held their rally on the east steps of the Statehouse earlier in the day.

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