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The Brad Blog on the reopening of the 'suicide' of Clint Curtis investigator

Those of you that have been following the election/voting fraud scandal know that Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog has been tirelessly investigating the ins and outs of this issue.

The latest break is that the mysterious suicide of Raymond Lemme of the Florida Inspector General’s office was reopened by Valdosta, GA police after Brad “broke the story of computer programmer Clint Curtis’ sworn affidavit charging that he had built a ‘vote-rigging software prototype’ at the request of Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL).”

This background on story can be like trying to untangle an unwieldy vine; I highly recommend a trip to Shakespeare’s Sister for a nice summary of the importance of the events and links to The Brad Blog as well.

If you’re already up on the story, here’s the direct link to The Brad Blog‘s details, including graphic photos from the actual crime scene, which the original police report alleged didn’t exist because the digital flash memory in the camera failed.

Brad’s work is the kind of reporting our lazy-*ss news media just refuses to do anymore. There are no ratings or circulation numbers to be found in this type of long-form journalism that requires both an attention span and diligence. Reward his work by checking it out. I mean, it’s only our democracy at stake, for crying out loud.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding