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Log Cabin couldn't wait to get back in bed with Bush

Log Cabin’s Political Director Christopher Barron has sipped the Bush Kool-Aid.

What a bunch of fools — what does it take for them to see the light after this last election cycle? While they watch their party trash gays and lesbians, the deluded Log Cabin Repugs sign onto Bush’s Social Security destruction plan. Their feeble reasoning is that it presents “an opportunity” for gay folks since you can will your private investment accounts to a partner, whereas traditional Social Security cannot.

Look people, the followers of Chimpy would love to recriminalize homosexuality, ensure you can be fired from a job, never adopt kids, and most certainly make the idea of getting married disappear. I think that’s a tad more important than the backing the President’s shell game on Social Security. (Log Cabin group backs Bush reform):

A gay Republican group that vehemently opposes President Bush’s attempts to ban same-sex marriage has hired a top lobbying firm to back an administration effort it does support, Social Security private accounts.

Christopher Barron, Log Cabin’s political director, said the promise of Social Security reforms in the 109th Congress prompted the group to increase its profile on Capitol Hill. Barron, who wouldn’t disclose how much the Log Cabin Republicans would spend on lobbying this year, said the possibility of private Social Security accounts provides a “tremendous opportunity for gay and lesbian couples.

That’s so because when married heterosexuals die they can pass on Social Security benefits to their spouses but gay people cannot. Money accrued by participation in private accounts could be willed to one partner, however, even if gay men and women can’t legally marry. “The ownership society that the president has talked about is empowering to gays and lesbians,” Barron said, referring to the president’s push to give Americans more control over their financial assets through a series of measures, such as Social Security reform or private health savings accounts.”

Just so they know, the Freepers had their own reaction to the LCR cozying to the Chimperor…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“The reason why I am posting this article is because DUers have said they will lurk here and post it on our forum because they know how anti-Gay we are. I hate the idea of a DUer troll posting something and drooling to see what our response will be. They think we will oppose Bush’s plan because this group is for it. Freepers don’t act like spoiled children – DUers do!”

“Since black conservative Republicans are not really black (according to black “leaders”), who from the left will step forward and claim that the LC Republicans are not really gay?”

“I wish they’d haul their logs over to the DemocRAT Party where they truly belong.”

“I agree. The only reason that this group exist is to infiltrate the Republican party in an attempt to influence the party policy on thier agenda.” [He also posted this link: Ex-Houston man jailed for killing Fla. deputy; Kenneth P. Wilk headed Houston Log Cabin club but was impeached]

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