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Milwaukee HS principal freaks out over cross-dressing fashion show

Joel Littleton’s work is scheduled to be shown this Friday, but will he get to wear it?

Perhaps the principal thinks cross-dressing may be “catching” or he got phone calls from some frisky AmTaliban residents. Idiot. It’s a freaking school of the arts, for goodness sake. (The Milwaukee Channel):

A fashion show is turning into a fight for expression at Milwaukee’s High School of the Arts.

At the annual show two years ago, Joel Littleton modeled his women’s-wear design. But this year, he said the principal decided he could only participate if he wore men’s clothing.

Littleton is a senior and said no one has questioned his cross-dressing in the past. He even wore a dress to prom. Fashion show organizers asked the American Civil Liberties Union to step in. Littleton believes the decision violates his right to free expression.

“They didn’t really give me a reason why he shouldn’t be in the fashion show. All they told me was he has to wear gender-specific clothing in order to participate,” student organizer Amaker Johnson said.

…Late Thursday afternoon, Milwaukee Public Schools’ central office told 12 News the principal at the High School of the Arts would reopen discussions about Littleton’s participation in the event.

Thanks to House Blend reader Bruce for the pointer.

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