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These people tire me: "Will Presbyterians go the homo approval route?"

That’s the actual title of the editorial. It’s another beaut from the ignorant Joseph Grant Swank, Jr. (a pastor and columnist) at The Conservative Voice. I wrote one up on him last week (More stupidity “machining on” from religious wingnuts).

What will keep the infiltrating homosexuals from consuming this Protestant denomination? Only if that denomination adheres continually to the Westminster Confession of Faith — which, by the way, the denomination provides via its web site.

…While homosexuals have infiltrated the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ (Congregational) so as to turn those denominations into apostasy centers, they have not yet seen through such devilment with the Presbyterian Church of America.

However, the homosexuals did attempt to overrun the United Methodist Church at the latter’s last annual gathering. Nevertheless, with much angst throughout the assembly, the practicing homosexuals and their team members did not win out in the balloting. But it can still happen. It won’t happen if the United Methodists cling to the same scriptural convictions as the Presbyterian Church of America.

But in all this wrestling match with souls, time will tell the outcome. The infiltrators do not give up. They continue to take over local congregations as well as pulpits and committees and seminars and talk-outs of one sort or another. However, if the Presbyterians heed reality and biblical truth, they may stave off the devil’s crew.

He rants on for a while, but he finishes up and ties it all with a bow with the usual biblical quotes from Leviticus and Romans for extra effect.

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