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Do Liberals hate America? It looks more like the conservatives do

Head over to Shakespeare’s Sister for a great post, You Can’t Claim to Love America if You Hate Americans. Fred Phelps and his ilk may represent what some think is hate beyond the pale, but he’s pointing to other Americans – gays and lesbians — as the enemy.

The truth of the matter is, conservatives hate lots and lots of Americans—anyone who isn’t like them, or fails to share their condemnation of people who aren’t like them. Liberals may be roundly perplexed and frustrated by Americans who seem to vote against their own best interests, but when was the last time card-carrying ACLU members were seen marching down Main Street Red State America after a devastating flood, carrying signs declaring that Mother Nature had gotten her revenge against those who sought to pollute her with the exhaust of their behemoth SUVs? It just doesn’t happen.

ShakesSis points out your garden-variety mainstream conservatives, such as Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson spew enough ignorant, hateful crap that they might as well ride shotgun with the Rotting Cryptkeeper. Go read.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding