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Open Sat thread…yard work and new chat feature edition

Today Kate and I will be working out in the yard. Last March, the big project was digging and filling a walking path from one yard gate entrance to the other. Lots of trips to the Homo Depot for pebbles and mulch. Lots of Icy Hot afterwards.

The lot is irregularly shaped, and the grade declines toward the house, which means there was an erosion problem the prior owners didn’t deal with very well. The grassy area near the house was almost always marshy. This amateur-hour landscaping of ours you see in the “after “picture did work. We laid timbers, and filled them with leaves and mulch (and pots of impatiens for aesthetics) and this solved the problem.


Our work was put to the test a few months later when we had several days of hard rain. No erosion problems. More pics here. [One includes a nice pic of Red, my boy that passed away this Feb.]

This year won’t be as dramatic. Need to buy more pebbles. Going to put down some landscaping fabric in the grassy areas to kill it (the goal is not to have to mow anything in the back), and put down mulch, and later, pot and distribute some annuals and perennials when we know there won’t be any more hard freezes.

In other news

Some of you have asked me about what I use to post.

I use Blogger for posting, but it doesn’t host the files, it FTPs the blog entries to my space at APlusNet). I was poking around in the features that came with my web space account this AM and it has a live chat feature. I enabled it and you will find a button over on the left side of the main page that looks like this:

I’ve named the room “House Blend Perk“. I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but it might be fun if I decide to announce chats on certain topics sometime and see who shows up. Or maybe I’ll just be typing into an echo chamber by my lonesome. Drop into it, see if it breaks, or just post a comment to let me know if it’s a good idea. [FYI potential trolls: I can ban users on this system.]

Also, I submitted our application to Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue and we are scheduled for an interview tomorrow with the NC coordinator. She plans to interview us to see if we would be good future moms to a Ridgeback. She said, based on our application (and prior ownership of Ridgebacks), that we should pass with flying colors.

There is sometimes a long wait for a rescue Ridgeback, since the breed isn’t all that common, but I love them. There is one available in our area, but there’s another family that is under consideration for him, so I don’t know whether this will be “the one,” but whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Red, March 2004.

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