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GWB recently told one of his audiences pre-screened for slack-jawed credulity that even though the Social Security system is currently running a surplus, once the money is spent there is only “a paper IOU” backing up future claims on the system, and that it has no chance of paying future benefits it is currently guaranteeing. “First of all, the government can’t meet its promises,” Bush said.

Mike over at 18minute gap had this to say:

Isn’t that amazing? This is the leader of our government. An allegedly intelligent man. With an MBA from one of our finest institutions of higher learning. I have to wonder if he’d tell the same thing to, say, Ross Perot, or Warren Buffett? “Hey, guys, those treasury bills you bought? Worthless. Sorry. Already spent the money. Better luck next time.” And you know, I just love the way he talks about “the government” as though his party wasn’t running most of it. Look, genius, if “the government can’t meet its promises”, that’s your fault.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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