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Reminder: The Rotting Cryptkeeper goes after John Edwards tonight in Kansas

John Edwards will be the keynote speaker tonight (8 PM) at the Kansas Democratic Party’s 100th Anniversary of Washington Days celebration at Topeka’s Ramada Inn. Phelps plans to picket him, since he’s there at the “bidding of his fag/dyke masters.”

Funny, I don’t remember briefing the former NC Senator and VP candidate before he left town on his “filthy fag agenda” marching orders. Did any of you fags and dykes on the Committee to Destroy Society remember to read our Homosexual Agenda to John and set him “straight” on our goals, as it were?

Meanwhile, here is Fred Phelps, media critic, since he no doubt will be rubbing shoulders with the media this evening:

Modern Media are a monolithic propaganda machine for Satan’s Big Lie: It’s OK to be gay! Every editorial decision is skewed by all Media to promote that Big Lie. God’s Word and those who preach it (It’s NOT OK to be gay; rather, It’s a monstrous sin against God that will destroy the life, damn the soul, doom the nation) are systematically reproached and reviled by all Media. All Media metaphorically smear fag feces and semen on the Bible. All Media — in contemptuous hatred, disrespect, disregard — metaphorically urinate on the Bible

An earlier Blend post on this idiot is here.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding