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Jesus gets you better car insurance rates

“Faithguard” has you riding in safety next to the Almighty; can Lucifer hitch a ride and save a buck?

Is this company also offering discounts to the Church of Satan or the World Church of the Creator, the haven of white supremacist and murder suspect Matt Hale? Just asking. (AgapePress):

Churchgoers and religious volunteers could receive special discounts on their home and car insurance under new policies being offered by an Iowa insurance company. GuideOne currently specializes in insuring churches and private schools. But the Iowa Civil Liberties Union says offering lower rates to churchgoers appears to violate laws barring discrimination on the basis of religion, and predicts that a lawsuit could be filed. Under the policies, the faithful would not have to pay a deductible if they are in a car accident on the way to church activities of if they lose personal property while at church. The policies also would provide up to $750 to cover a policyholder’s church donations.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding