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What’s Right With Vermont

March 1st was Town Meeting Day across Vermont. Amidst discussions about such burning local issues as the purchase of a backhoe loader, 52 towns considered a resolution calling for the return of US troops from Iraq. It passed in 48 towns.

Specifically, the resolution called for state legislators to look into the local impact of National Guard deployment and to reassert state authority over National Guard Units, in addition to calling for the federal government to bring US troops home from Iraq.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I still think that anti-draft (or possibly anti-war) ballot measures could work for the Democrats in 2006 as a way to draw progressive-minded voters to the ballot box, much in the same way Rove’s anti-gay measures brought out the knuckle-draggers in 2004.

That aside, reading about it was a great way to start off the morning. So what’s right with Vermont? Maple syrup, my best friend from high school Mary Jane Mucklestone, a great paradigm for local democracy in action and a big batch of home-brewed, all-American town hall anti-war sentiment.

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