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The right-wing press is going to be all over this junk science by Paul Cameron

Paul Cameron (L), the bogus scientist behind the homophobic insert that ran in the Washington Post is at it again. Cameron was booted from the American Psychological Association “for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists.”

“Dr.” Paul Cameron has come out with a “scientific study” that claims 34% of sexual molestations of foster children were same-sex. It may be junk science, but watch for the right wing press and religious zealots regurgitate this all over the media. Truth doesn’t matter to this guy, who clearly has his own issues. (WingNutDaily):

A six-year study of sexual abuse committed by foster parents in Illinois found a highly disproportionate percentage of the cases were homosexual in nature. About one-third were same-sex while estimates are that no more than 3 percent of people in the general population say they engage in homosexual acts.

An article in the March issue of the peer-reviewed publication Psychological Reports presented data analyzed by Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Colorado-based Family Research Institute.

Cameron believes it’s likely the Illinois figures reflect the situation among the nation’s estimated half-million foster children. “What’s shocking, is that 34 percent of the molestations were homosexual,” Cameron told the Illinois Leader.

According to a DCFS spokeswoman, the agency does not track the sexual orientation of prospective foster or adoptive parents.

“We track our foster and adoptive parents on the basis of their being single or married. That’s it,” Marjorie Newman told the paper last year.

“Professional societies are so taken with gay rights they are ignoring the evidence,” said Cameron. “Just last year, the American Psychological Association [APA] declared opposition to ‘discrimination against lesbian or gay parents adoption, child custody and visitation, foster care and reproductive health services.'”

OK. To put this “research” into perspective, take a look at Cameron’s reputation as a scientist.

On December 2, 1983, the American Psychological Association sent Paul Cameron a letter informing him that he had been dropped from membership. Early in 1984, all members of the American Psychological Association received official written notice that "Paul Cameron (Nebraska) was dropped from membership for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists" by the APA Board of Directors.

Cameron has posted an elaborate argument about his expulsion from APA on his website, claiming that he resigned from APA before he was dropped from membership. Like most organizations, however, APA does not allow a member to resign when they are being investigated. And even if Cameron’s claims were accepted as true, it would be remarkable that the largest professional organization of psychologists in the United States (and other professional associations, as noted below) went to such lengths to disassociate itself from one individual.

  • At its membership meeting on October 19, 1984, the Nebraska Psychological Association adopted a resolution stating that it "formally disassociates itself from the representations and interpretations of scientific literature offered by Dr. Paul Cameron in his writings and public statements on sexuality."
  • In 1985, the American Sociological Association (ASA) adopted a resolution which asserted that "Dr. Paul Cameron has consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented sociological research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism" and noted that "Dr. Paul Cameron has repeatedly campaigned for the abrogation of the civil rights of lesbians and gay men, substantiating his call on the basis of his distorted interpretation of this research."The resolution formally charged an ASA committee with the task of “critically evaluating and publicly responding to the work of Dr. Paul Cameron.”

    At its August, 1986 meeting, the ASA officially accepted the committee’s report and passed the following resolution:

    The American Sociological Association officially and publicly states that Paul Cameron is not a sociologist, and condemns his consistent misrepresentation of sociological research. Information on this action and a copy of the report by the Committee on the Status of Homosexuals in Sociology, “The Paul Cameron Case,” is to be published in Footnotes, and be sent to the officers of all regional and state sociological associations and to the Canadian Sociological Association with a request that they alert their members to Cameron’s frequent lecture and media appearances.”

  • Cameron’s credibility was also questioned outside of academia. In his written opinion in Baker v. Wade (1985),

    Judge Buchmeyer of the U.S. District Court of Dallas referred to "Cameron’s sworn statement that ‘homosexuals abuse children at a proportionately greater incident than do heterosexuals,’" and concluded that "Dr. Paul Cameron…has himself made misrepresentations to this Court" and that "There has been no fraud or misrepresentations except by Dr. Cameron" (p.536).

  • And there’s plenty more.

    Thanks to House Blend reader Sandy for the pointer.

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