I’m a student. I don’t do “work”.

Hans Hoffman once said:

A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world.

International Art Critic and Virgin of Mystery, Ben Shapiro says:

Over the last century, we’ve seen a breakdown in traditional systems of art, literature, and music. In art, we’ve seen the death of the artist striving to put his message before the world, and the rise of the artist creating something to be seen solely in the eye of the beholder. The thrill of art used to be the thrill of discovery – of realizing, at last, what the artist was saying, and identifying with his message. Now, art promotes narcissism – what do you see in this Coke can? Remove the artist from the art, and you have nothing but an endless series of Rorschach tests hung in museums and sold for thousands of dollars.

With the rise of rampant subjectivism in art, it is harder and harder for art to evoke deep emotion in its audience: the audience has to do all the work. (my links…not his)

Here you go Ben. Think no more.

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