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Phelps to spew hate on John Edwards on Friday

Just a reminder that although Fred Phelps may have lost the battle over Topeka’s anti-discrimination law, this Friday, March 4, he’ll be back at it again with the Westboro Baptist “Church” bigot crew. He’s going after John Edwards at the Ramada Inn in Downtown Topeka, where the Kansas Democratic Party’s 100th Anniversary of Washington Days celebration will be held. Edwards is the keynote speaker.

Phelps’s hate machine released some of the most hateful sh*t in recent memory about the death of Edward’s son Wade in the above document:

God Almighty warned John Edwards by killing his son, but he hardened his heart & stiffened his neck, embracing the filthy fag agenda for political expediency.”

At the bidding of his fag/dyke masters, Edwards called a press conference and issued a public statement condemning WBC for suggesting a monument to Matthew Shepard as a memorial to his entrance to Hell for defying God Almighty…Edwards’ family will join Matt in hell for his hard speeches against WBC.”


Phelps’s reaction to his ass-kicking in the election:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding