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NC wingnut Walter Jones wants political endorsements from the pulpit to shove through FMA

NC’s Walter Jones is a truly delusional and frightening member of Congress; Jim Backlin of the Christian Coalition (with Chimpy) will be lobbying in Congress for the wretched, unconsitutional bill to allow political endorsements in churches.

The Right is so sore that FMA is not getting traction, that NC embarrassment Rep. Walter Jones is getting together with the Rev. Walter Fauntroy (mentioned earlier here) to push the American Taliban agenda by submitting legislation to allow religious leaders to endorse political candidates from the pulpit. After they obliterate this line between church and state, the goal is to get a federal marriage amendment “through the back door” by electing a flood of zealots into Congress. This nonsense is almost beyond comprehension. The bill is H.R. 235. (The Hill):

Proponents of legislation sponsored by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) say it is a step on the long journey to collecting enough support to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Jim Backlin, vice president of legislative affairs for the Christian Coalition, said passing the Jones bill would enable religious leaders to endorse candidates who support a federal marriage amendment. Down the line, Backlin said, more candidates who support a constitutional amendment would be elected to Congress. Backlin will meet House and Senate Republican leaders this month and plans to stress the importance of the Jones bill.”

The Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State said the effort to pass a constitutional amendment on marriage and H.R. 235 are linked. The Jones bill would give new clout to conservative churches, which would use that authority to elect candidates who back a marriage amendment, he said. “Walter Jones’s purpose of his bill is very partisan,” Lynn said.

…Like the marriage amendment, Jones’s bill needs more support among Democrats to pass in the 109th Congress. To that end, Jones has courted Democrats — specifically black ministers — who believe they should be allowed to discuss political matters without jeopardizing the tax-exempt status of their churches.

Jones will appear with black ministers at a press conference today to rally support for his bill. The Rev. Walter Fauntroy, a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, is scheduled to speak out for the Jones measure. The Rev. Anthony Muse, a Democrat and senior pastor of the Ark of Safety Christian Church in Maryland, will also praise the bill today. They are expected to invoke the words of Martin Luther King Jr. to make their case for passing the Jones measure.

Again, the religious black community is being targeted/used/pimped to front for the Right’s homophobic agenda. And these pastors are willing to be used.

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