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I've hit the big time — I've been cited in Freeperland

Oh this is too much, I love it…the thread was entitled “College Republicans Plan ‘Straight Pride Week’ (University of Central Oklahoma)” over at Free Republic. Someone doesn’t like the fact I repost comments from a public board.

Hey everyone,

I was wondering what the copyright rules were for this site and the comments posted on it. The reason I ask is that some lefty sites like to copy the comments, without attribution to the actual users who posted them, and post them on their own sites.

For an example, please see the tolerant postings of a female homosexual here:

I just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts on these were.

I think this is the first time I’ve been cited there! The author was a little late to the parade, as the thread died on 1/29, so no one got to respond to his/her comment. Damn. No happy dance for me.

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