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What she said, again – Shakespeare's Sister on Kevin Drum and Bloggrrrls

Kevin Drum stepped into a pile of it when he gave his analysis that there aren’t many political female bloggers out there, based on his “investigative work”: 1) he couldn’t find more than a few female bloggers on the TTLB Ecosystem, and 2) he saw the dearth of female bloggers listed on male bloggers’ blogrolls. His most ridiculous assertion is that men are “more comfortable with the food fight nature of opinion writing.” Whatever.

Fellow political Bloggrrrl Shakespeare’s Sister rips him again and she writes such tasty morsels when doing so that I couldn’t resist sharing. Emphasis mine.

It’s a problem throughout the political arena (could that be why so many single women don’t vote, perhaps?), and it’s part and parcel of the assumption that we’re done with the whole “sexism thing.” I mean, hey—we’ve got a female GOP Secretary of State, right? How much can women really have to complain about?

Well, there’s the small problem of still earning less money for the same amount of work than our male coworkers. There’s the issue of abortion rights, which, while it may be an acceptable compromise for liberal men, isn’t something on which liberal women are willing to compromise…and we’re none too pleased that the men don’t back us up on that one, either. And there’s the tiny challenge we face each and every day of men who like to think of themselves as egalitarian who clearly are not, and instead of ever facing up to their latent sexism, attribute disparities to inherent traits in women, thereby making it our collective fault for lingering inequalities and implying that said traits are immutable, with reasonable rebuttals dismissed as anecdotal. Spirited, but anecdotal.

It is inexplicable that otherwise intelligent men cannot wrap their minds around how such an attitude is insulting, nor grasp that women’s issues are not tangential concerns of the overall progressive movement. The insistence upon marginalizing legitimate concerns of women is sexism at its very worst, and yet because dudes like Drum aren’t lounging around in a beer-stained wife-beater ordering their bitches into the kitchen, they somehow manage to convince themselves that they are infallible supporters of feminism (and feminists). Suppressing women’s voices, who are miraculously loud, plentiful, and in direct contradiction of the small-minded assertions that periodically bring them to the fore en masse, is not a minor thing, and continuing to feign innocence to its detrimental effects is not forgivable when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

I also agree with SS that there are plenty of good (secure) guys out there willing to visit Bloggrrrl sites and add them to their rolls. As far as House Blend goes, I can heartily thank both John Aravosis of AMERICAblog and Mike Rogers of RawStoryQ for giving this blog visibility from those larger sites. [Is there any irony there that these are two gay men that stepped up so early on to send traffic my way?]

I am thankful when anyone takes the time to recognize our work and passes the word on. To be egalitarian when it comes to linking to good, funny or insightful writing is a no-brainer, I can’t seem to understand why there are these sorry, sore egos out there that just cannot admit they have a small problem with recognizing the expanding number of political female voices in the blogosphere. [As if readership is being “stolen” from anyone.]

More and varied political voices lead to better informed people on a host of issues that affect us all. It helps shape our political strategies in ways that can make progressive issues more accessible. Opening the forum can dispel stale, and often unintentionally prejudicial thinking about women (or gays, or Southerners, or people of color — oh, look, I’m all of those). No one demographic group can be pigeon-holed politically if we are all able to weigh in with our unique perspectives — it is important to be seen. We’re out here, Kevin.

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