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UNC junior attacked in hate crime; protest to be held on campus today

[UPDATE: Freeper ignorance and bigotry abound on this issue. I wanted to post the hateful sh*t here because this is the evil we face — and they have no problem spewing it. The comments follow the original post.]

It’s a sorry day when I have to report a hate crime like this in the Triangle. A UNC student was beaten by seven homo-bigots early Friday AM and a protest is being held today, along with a petition signing, to demand that sexual orientation be included in North Carolina’s definition of what constitutes a hate crime. At this point and time, NC has an “ethnic intimidation law”, but that of course, does not include anti-gay crimes. Folks in Chapel Hill are in shock. No arrests have yet been made. (Daily Tar Heel):

A University junior was assaulted while walking alone on Franklin Street on Friday morning in what Chapel Hill police are investigating as a hate crime.

And the University community, particularly members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender-Straight Alliance, is mobilizing its resources to show support. The 21-year-old student was walking near 100 E. Franklin Street at 2:04 a.m. when six to seven men began making derogatory remarks about the student’s sexual orientation while walking behind him, police spokeswoman Jane Cousins said.

The group of men then began attacking the student, hitting and kicking him in the face, upper torso and all over, Cousins said. The individuals were calling him derogatory names throughout the incident, Cousins said.

Police arrived on the scene at 2:06 a.m. and found the student kneeling on the sidewalk, where he was treated for injuries. Those injuries were initially characterized as minor but have now been revised to include broken bones, Cousins said Friday. The student was not transported to UNC Hospitals.

To respond to the incident, GLBTSA executive board members decided Sunday to organize a rally in the Pit to take place Tuesday. Beginning at 6 p.m., students will gather to show support for the student and to speak out about the incident using an open microphone. Those assembled will then hold a candlelight speak-out and will march to Franklin Street where the student was found.

“People are obviously upset and shocked about it,” GLBTSA executive board member David Ruskey said. “The biggest emotion I’m feeling is disgust. “Obviously … there were people on Franklin Street who saw this and didn’t call the police.” [Franklin Street is the main drag in Chapel Hill, you can find people out and about at all hours.]

Ruskey said the organizers are asking that all in attendance wear white T-shirts to show unity.

Questions about the rally are being fielded by Anissa at


Actual Freeper Quotes�:

“2AM in Chapel Hill on Franklin Street and no witnesses. My guess is that someone got drunk and got in a fight.”

“My guess. His Boyfriend beat him up, but when he went to the ER he didn’t want to say that. It was much more expedient for him to blame it on “Gay Bashers”.”

“Sometimes they’re too stupid to realize inventing a hate crime will lead to media attention and scrutiny (whereas, if he claimed a single person beat him and robbed him, there would be no news story). Other times, they make up the hate crime story because they want the associated attention.”

“‘a popular stretch of roadway’?”

“Franklin Rd is the main drag through town around campus. Many of the bars a restaurants are there.”

“There was a similar case in Missouri just a few months ago. A young gay man filed a police report saying that he had been assaulted by a group of men. The men made inflammatory comments about his sexuality, and even went so far as to carve the letters F-A-G into his forehead. Witnesses? None. The case didn’t take very long to solve since the “victim” gave away the game: the letters were carved backwards.”

“2 AM, Friday night, Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and there were “no witnesses”? Not in a million years.”

“…..same thoughts here!”

“How would the attackers know what the victim’s sexual orientation was in the first place just by seeing him walking along a popular roadway at 2:00 AM? Was he wearing a sign?”

“I rather wondered that, myself. One of several factors that make this story, initially at least, somewhat less than convincing.”

“Maybe it was the leather assless chaps.”

“Six or seven people beat him and he didn’t require hospitalization? Just doesn’t sound right.”

“I was walking with a friend in Ft Lauderdale at 2AM going to a bar and a bunch of guys started harassing us about being “gay”. I’m not exactly the gayest looking person in the world. Imagine Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard without the beard.”

“Why does it matter what sexual orientation of the victim or the motivation for the taunting and bullying. This sort of thuggish behavior should be wrong and punished no matter who the victim is, who the perps were, or what their motivation was.”

“Well, they were white, weren’t they?”

“Remember, if you can get “hate crime” into the story, you might get paid in an eventual civil case. It’s all about “gittin paid” in certain communities, and the gays seem to be taking a cue from the race charlatans.”

“IMO the media will still ignore the story if it becomes apparent that he was beaten by another queer….”

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