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"The Real Gulf War": Ms. Julien on the pain of political family rifts

Surf over to Julien’s List for a glimpse of the familiar in the era of the Chimperor — family political differences that are seemingly insurmountable.

So I was having a conversation with my sister (age 35) recently. The ongoing saga is that while we love each other very much, she gets more and more conservative with each passing day of her life (I knew it was bad when my NRA-card-carrying father said that my sister put the original “C” in “conservative”…)

She had just seen the movie Hotel Rwanda (which, to my shame, I have not yet seen…this weekend). She loved the movie, but made very quickly the comment “We are sure lucky to have George Bush as our president, because he is at war to protect us from the terrorists like the ones in the movie, who hate Americans.” [sidebar: I have learned that it is best not to comment, and quickly changed the subject. Not to be ignored this day was my sister, who repeated her comment. My response: “Yes, we Americans sure are hated in the world.”]

Given the fact that GWB’s administration and policies have created a gulf like none other in decades between US citizens – not to mention that between the US and the world – it is virtually impossible to discuss this rationally with my sister, and people like her.

Good stuff. Read more.

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