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The House Blend and Freepers agree: Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is an indecency dumb*ss

Ted Stevens says sex toy discussions gives him the willies.

The world must be coming to an end – the knuckle-draggers in Freeperland actually have an issue I can get on board with. At this point and time, we’ve got such over-reaching by Washington in the area of “indecency” that wingnuts are freaking out. Lawmakers want to extend broadcast standards to cable television and satellite television and radio to “protect the children.” I’m telling you, the internet is next. If they ever find a way to police this venue, our collective ass is grass.

Cable is a much greater violator in the indecency area. I think we have the same power to deal with cable as over-the-air” broadcasters…There has to be some standard of decency.”

— Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-AK)

Taliban Ted should resign from the Senate and find a more appropriate place to be a censor — like Alabama or Saudi Arabia.”

–Actual Freeper Quote


Stevens cited the discussion of masturbation and sex toys during prime time television as one example of content that bothered him. He told reporters he would extend the restrictions to premium channels like HBO as well.

“If we can work out the constitutional questions, I’d be supportive of that,” [House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe] Barton of Texas told reporters later at the conference. “I think they ought to play, to the extent possible, by the same rules.”

… Stevens disputed assertions by the cable industry that Congress cannot impose limits on its content. “If that’s the issue they want to take on, we’ll take it on and let the Supreme Court decide.”

Note that our freshly minted Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, has the elimination of porn on his mind too.

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Pam Spaulding