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A must-read on Gannon and Sully

Oy, this is just a dish-and-a-half from Mike Rogers at BlogActive.

Jeff Gannon, the newest voice on the right wing blogosphere never served at The New Republic like his fellow blogger Andrew Sullivan, but apparently some of the republic’s great military leaders have serviced Mr. Gannon.

As Talon News promises a “top-to-bottom” review of it’s staff and volunteers, my congratulations to the now-closed news service for getting right to the point. We know from the on-line reviews of Mr. Gannon’s prostitution services that he must be the “top” in the conservative news site’s introspection. I wonder if the rest of the media thinks that it’s just as relevant a question as to whom the “bottom(s)” may be. I can tell you this much readers, this story is NOT about private sex lives and it’s NOT about the right to be gay in private.

This issue is about much more than that. I found it funny that Ann Coulter actually attempted to claim the civil rights high ground by framing an argument that Gannon is a victim of anti-gay forces. Did I miss Gannon saying he was gay? Or, finally understanding the work or blogACTIVE, is Coulter now in favor of his “outing”? The questions that Coulter is not asking are the same ones the White House has refused to answer for me.

Now, a bit about the timing here; is it coincidence that Gannon’s rise comes on heels of “pretty-boy-cum-bear-man/blogger” Sullivan walking off stage right for a break?

It gets better…check out more about Sully and the White House “Debriefing Room” over at BlogActive.

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