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NC Gov Mike Easley courts those 'King of the Hill' rednecks

Well that makes me feel so included as a progressive Tar Heel. Often chatted up as the model for southern electoral success, my governor is hopelessly centrist — it is what got him elected. Easley thinks it’s more important for him to suck up to the NASCAR/mud-running crowd than to speak with any conviction to progressives, who did vote for him — because the other guy on the ballot was a complete wingnut.

We now have a marriage amendment back up in the General Assembly and Easley, in the last days of the 2004 campaign, said he was in favor of one, losing the endorsement of EqualityNC. (Raleigh N&O;):

How many in the audience watch the TV series “King of the Hill?” Gov. Mike Easley asked a conference in Chapel Hill last week. Easley expressed surprise when there was a scattering of hands of people who tuned into the Fox network animation about a good old boy propane salesman. Easley said that he once had his pollster survey viewers of the program.

I like to know where I stand among “King of the Hill” voters,” Easley said. He then quipped, “It reminds me of so many of my friends.” [Unlike the (likely former) gay friends, the ones that actually raised and gave him money to ensure his re-election.]

Easley was making a larger point to a couple of hundred people attending a two-day regional conference at the Carolina Inn on “New Strategies for Southern Progress.”

As the only Democratic governor in the South to win re-election last year, Easley has said he wants to talk about what it takes for Democrats to win. The conference gave him an opportunity. Easley said candidates should not try to pass too many ideological litmus tests and should instead appeal to voters in the middle.

“If you look at the Democratic and Republican parties right now, I don’t think either one of them represents the voters in the middle,” Easley said. Political leaders should focus on issues where there is broad consensus — such as improving education — while avoiding getting bogged down in divisive cultural issues such as abortion and the death penalty, he said.

Did you notice the man didn’t refer to gay marriage, or gay anything, in spite of the amendment in the hopper? This potato is so hot he’s buried it to cool off. I cannot see how long he will attempt to tap dance around this one.

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