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Headline of the day: Queen 'thinks Charles has put gratification before duty'

Charles feeding Camilla a snack..oh wait. Sorry. There she is.

Isn’t this just one of those headlines that makes you queasy? The imagery is just plain foul.

Thinking of the inbred future king and his pony-faced fiancee getting it on is just nauseating. Perhaps topped only by any thought about Michael Jackson face. (News Telegraph):

The Queen has “distanced” herself from the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Camilla Parker Bowles because she believes that her son is putting personal gratification before duty, royal courtiers have disclosed.

The courtiers also say privately that the Queen is “lukewarm” about the marriage and is worried that it could tarnish the monarchy.

Too late.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding