Dopes to divinity

This is your brain.

This is Doug Giles’ brain.

This is why.

Come to think of it … the only thing I got out of my first attempt at college was the handy student ID card. What a multipurpose little item that was. I used my student ID to the max for getting into movies at half price, breaking into my girlfriend’s dorm room to check her voice mail to see if the jock in her English Lit class was still calling her and the all important job of separating the seeds and stems from the Colombian Gold I kept hidden on a Frisbee under the passenger seat of my Z28.

Yeah, most of the first two years of my campus experience were spent in a London fog of dope smoke, blowing the precious money my parents saved up for my education at rancid West Texas honky tonks while generating more F’s than Nelly would taking Hebrew at Knox Seminary.

It’s one thing to admit to being a stoner in college. It’s quite another to admit to driving a Z28.

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