Your 9/11 Presidential Flipbook

According to the NY Times review of Ari Fleicher’s book, Your Question Has Been Noted In The Building:

…the book simply tries to reinforce the presidential “persona” once outlined by the political adviser Karl Rove in a campaign brief: a “Strong Leader” with a penchant for “Bold Action” and “Big Ideas.” On 9/11, Mr. Fleischer reports, Mr. Bush, “under inconceivable pressure,” maintained “his composure and sent an image of calm to the nation.”


See 9/11

See Andy talk to George

See George projecting calm.

See Air Force One fly

See Barksdale Air Force base

See George call attacks “cowardly”.

See Air Force One fly

See Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

See George poke his head out.

See George’s mom talk to the press 6 hours after the attack

See George fly back to Washington eight hours after the attack

See George address the nation 11 hours after the attack.

On 9/14 see George pose on the ashes of the dead for a photo-op.

Pose George pose

George Bush…steady leadership for unsteady times.

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