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The Torture Papers Posted by Hello

Ted Rall:

“The Torture Papers,” then, is no historical artifact. It’s why we do what we’re (still) doing. It’s a monument to denial, arrogance and hypocrisy. It’s why they hate us. It’s the most important book you’ll never read.

The availability of these documents at such an early date, authored by and for high-ranking officials toiling for an administration (in)famous for its secrecy, offers cause for optimism even among Americans who fear for the state of civil liberties. Can fascism be around the corner in a nation where the chief executive is still forced to bow to the Freedom of Information Act?

The American electorate, on the other hand, has already seen the gruesome photos taken at Abu Ghraib, pictures of acts ordered and justified far up the chain of command. On Nov. 2, they passed judgment: four more years, and the big house is white. With popular indifference like that, who needs fascism?

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