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Upcoming hate-mongering, courtesy of Fred Phelps: attacks on John Edwards, gay official in Kansas

This will be a busy week for the Phelps machine, as they picket a John Edwards appearance in Kansas, and Phelps’s granddaughter tries to unseat the only gay official in Kansas.

This gay-baiting, rotting Cryptkeeper™ and his tribe of hate will not stop their sh*t. For those of you not familiar with Phelps, he made a big name for himself and his church by picketing Matthew Shepard’s funeral, gracing the event with placards such as “AIDS kills fags dead” and “Matthew Shepard rots in hell.” (More on Phelps at the DKosopedia).

The latest in outreach by the Westboro Baptist Church “ministry” is that he and his hate mongers are going to picket former VP candidate and Senator John Edwards on March 4 at the Ramada Inn in Downtown Topeka, KS. Take a look at this flier (click to enlarge):

What patriots over there at Westboro. Here’s the hate money quote: “God Almighty warned John Edwards by killing his son, but he hardened his heart & stiffened his neck, embracing the filthy fag agenda for political expediency.”

Hmmm. Where do you go with something like this? You may think Phelps is on the fringe, but as a Kansas Repug said to Time mag: “A lot of people don’t outwardly agree with what Phelps is doing, but behind the scenes they do,” says Republican state representative Lana Gordon.


But wait, there’s more…

Topeka councilperson Tiffany Muller is the only out official in the entire state of Kansas.

The other bit of Phelps political pollution is actually being generated by his equally hateful granddaughter, Jael. She’s running for city council specifically because the incumbent, Tiffany Muller, is openly gay. The election will be held March 1. (Washburn University Review):

While Topeka residents are getting ready for the March 1 election, the District 9 race has garnered national and local attention. Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to limit down the candidates running for council seats in area districts. The incumbent, Tiffany Muller, the first openly-gay member of the Topeka city council, was appointed to the council and is now vying to be elected for the first time. She is being opposed by both Bob Percival and Richard Harmon. However, out of the three people running against her, Jael Phelps, a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and Washburn student, claims to be the most qualified candidate.

“I am running for city council because the incumbent is a one-issue, appointed candidate concerned for and representing only a small fraction of our district. I have been doing campaigning for various city, county and state campaigns for many years now,” said Phelps.

Phelps, granddaughter of outspoken anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps, is known for her strong stance against rights for homosexuals. The primary clash between the two candidates is regarding the city ordinance on discrimination, which will also be voted on March 1. Muller was one of the council members who brought up the idea of making sexual orientation a protected status for Topeka. Phelps assisted in getting the repeal of the law on the ballot.

I oppose the ordinance passed by the city council, which equivocated voluntary behavior with immutable characteristics, such as being female, African-American or disabled. There is a moral standard and this not only breaks that, but violates the Constitution,” said Phelps.

You have to get a sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about the fact that he’s passing on this level of bigotry to the young people in his family. They got it honestly. How do you stop this sickness?


One more bonus Phelps missive – a “welcome to the DNC leadership” letter to Howard Dean!

Other past fun from your homo-pocalyptic Phelps crowd:

Phelps didn’t donate to tsunami relief, and he got his rocks off on the Swedes dying — it was only a matter of time before the thought of Americans being washed away got him hard.

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