I see a great smothering darkness in you future…

I wasn’t home to see the Academy Awards tonight, but I see by the big splashy headlines that Million Dollar Baby won the big enchilada, an event that was popular in our house since it was the only one of the best film nominees that we actually saw, all of which just goes to show you how discerning we are with our movie dollar if you ignore the fact that Casey and I actually paid good American dollars to see The Chronicles of Riddock this summer.

Anyway, if we are to judge the national zeitgeist by reading the Oscar tea leaves, we would have to say that euthanasia is going to be all the rage.

So let’s start with Michael Medved. You may say that he’s not that near death, but I know brain-death when I see it and we should just end the suffering and move on.

Our suffering, that is…

On another note I was also pleased to see that Born Into Brothels took home a trophy too. It’s so good that it’s already been remade as an American film

For fashion don’ts and …more don’ts, go to national treasure Go Fug Yourself…and you might want to visit the Ashlee Simpson archives since you’re in the neighborhood. Just don’t buy a souvenir t-shirt.

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