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Bush Admin considering NOT reaffirming historic women's human rights agreement

(via Daily Mendacity)

Well isn’t that a bit of irony, with all the talk of Condi’s power boots today. Republican feminism in action. All surface, no substance.

As the clock continues to roll back here on women’s rights (see Kansas), the Bush admin wants to take things on a wider scale — world wide. This is all about the anti-choice, or “sanctity of life” movement as our Dear Leader intones over and over. (US Newswire):

Leaders from human rights and women’s development organizations are sounding the alarm about the possible U.S. withdrawal from a historic women’s human rights agreement currently under review at the United Nations. Governments are gathering in New York City over the next two weeks to revisit women’s progress since the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women met in Beijing in 1995. The U.S. was a leading architect of the Beijing Platform for Action, where 189 countries committed to advancing universal education for girls, ending violence against women, and ensuring access to lifesaving reproductive health care, among other critical issues.

Late yesterday, in quiet negotiations out of the public eye, the Bush administration signaled to other nations that it would not unequivocally reaffirm the commitments made by the United States to the world’s women a decade ago

With concern for the U.S. position, more than 30 U.S. organizations sent a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice late last week to urge the Bush administration not to withdraw from the U.S. pledge made at the Beijing Women’s Conference. Leaders noted that the Beijing review was Secretary Rice’s first official opportunity to speak about women’s rights. They asked Secretary Rice for help in shoring up the U.S. commitment to global women’s rights..

Bloggrrrl Ms. Julien is all over this:

And the dumbasses who voted for Bush will continue to support him while women globally get their clitorises forcibly removed, are sold into sexual slavery, are forced into marriages at age 12, are raped by militant invaders of their tribes, are denied access to condoms when their AIDS-infested sleep-around husbands come home for a little domestic piece…

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