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Pope sick/deathwatch continues

NBC News’ Chief Science Correspondent gets to sit on live TV and talk about the Pope’s mucous.

I’m sitting here typing and feeling like crap — I cannot sleep. The news is on in the background and it happens to be on MSNBC. I’m listening to the ass-clown coverage of the Pope going back into the hospital for a tracheotomy.

The details of the mucous in the Pope’s throat are being tossed around by Robert Bazell (the “medical expert”) and the little MSNBC newsreader chick that I’ve not seen before. Unfortunately 24/7 live news capability leads to this sort of speculative crap that goes on and on without any real news being conveyed. They can’t confirm anything, other than he’s having the operation. Now they are showing the exterior of a hospital window that has the shades drawn. Like this tells us anything newsworthy?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding