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AMERICABlog keeps slamming on the Propagannon story

I can’t keep up with the whirlwind of stories at this point, so I rely on John Aravosis and Co. to pull together some great stuff on rent boy/cub reporter James Guckert/Jeff Gannon. Just a few tidbits, if you have been by lately.

Jeff/Jim does the Today Show. Apparently the hooker that wanted his privacy cannot stay off the airwaves or out of print.

Talon News Goes Dark. Hahahahahahahaha. Check out the line, “Top-to-bottom review of staff” — that should have had a link to one of “Jeff’s” moonlighting HotMilitaryStud operations.

Love this set:
FOX News defends hookers
Ann Coulter likes hookers too
WorldNetDaily savages GannonGuckert

Other stuff:
Detroit Free Press editorial
New Yorker on Guckert

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Pam Spaulding