If he wants to pick her up and beat the deer with her, I’ll hold his coat.

Think Progress has the best of Sean Hannity’s Lowered Bar Dating Service. Who knew there were so many divorced “Christians” with “traditional values”?

My favorite is this guy:

My name is Dave, 40 years old, 6-1, 200 lbs, single, I live and work in Junction City, Oregon… yes there are nice, smart… red people that live around Eugene Oregon! All I want from this is to kill deer with Ann Coulter someday…

And let’s not forget Anna who says:

About who I’m looking for–Fun, outdoorsy, moral, early riser, clean. Boy scout with a wild side. (*_~) Please don’t over-analyze me–half the time ‘I’ don’t know what I’m thinking. Or WHY. Great kisser–yes, you must be that. Christian, obviously. Brilliant, witty, patience of a saint, and so on and so forth. If this is multiple choice, I’m choosing ALL OF THE ABOVE this time. One person is more than the sum of their parts. You must add in their hopes, dreams, aspirations–everything they wish themselves to be. You must subtract out their regrets–God would want you to. Multiple by the love they feel towards you and divide the love you feel towards them–their love must be stronger than yours because they love YOU, after all. If you find a square root in the equation, you are SOL. I only aced Algebra, not Psychology…..

After about twenty minutes of that you’ll be looking for a wall socket to stick you tongue in so that the noise will…just…stop.

This guy makes me a little nervous:

About Me I’m divorced and starting over. I’m a cargo pilot and I love my job. I’m not home at night but I do get my sleep when I’m on duty…

Enough said.

As for this guy.Oh dear god.

Even I’m not that cruel.

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