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The sleazy rent boy aspect of Gannongate is relevant

I was surfing over at AMERICAblog catching up on all the “Propagannon that’s fit to print,” and got caught up in a thread where a commenter posted that it was good to see the media coverage “moving away from the hooker thing” and on to the money trail, GOPUSA and the fact that “Gannon” was sitting in the press briefing room and churning out homophobic, right wing hit pieces pre-digested by the White House spin machine and its friends.

I disagree.

I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. Both are relevant, but the Left and the mainstream media won’t admit that they are weenies on this. The lying, phony, planted journalist sitting four rows from the President is a major story, since press control has always been a Bush/Rove hallmark. There are questions to be answered about why the situation in the press room existed and who approved it.

The hooker angle is also relevant because that story (and the “little black book” that surely exists) is the part of “Gannongate” that has the media and politicians running for cover. They cannot legitimately claim it’s a privacy issue (well, they can try), but the fact is that if this were happening in the Clinton admin, the GOP would be all over the Dems and not letting go.

This is about the fear of exposing Middle America to what really goes on in the corridors of power (see a really good DKos diary that I’ve recommended before on the Blend): Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research

It’s also about a heck of a lot more than the fact that the guy is a serial prevaricator. The foundation of the 2004 campaign was to paint Dems as immoral, homo-loving, unpatriotic atheists unworthy of office and untrustworthy with your kids. The GOP did a brilliant job because the Dems didn’t want to get their hands dirty.

The American Taliban campaign suggested that the GOP politicians were operating on a higher “moral values” level, protectors of the family, as it were. Or at least it was willing to project that this was the case.

And, after all this hard work of John, Kossacks and other bloggers, no one is denying at this point that Guckert was a rent boy. With that in mind, the sleazy sex story shouldn’t fritter away under the guise of “privacy” — the Admin know it’s a third rail because of who they have gotten in bed with, literally and figuratively.

The fact that this JG/JG hypocritical sexcapade dropped in our collective laps is a gift that we cannot ignore. The Dem establishment simply needs to learn how to use (and actually deploy) the good cop/bad cop tactics of the Right.

The Right knows how to play the game, and they laugh at the Left’s hand-wringing about taking this to the gutter. What’s the problem? The GOP is already rolling around in the filth and have both houses of Congress, the Presidency and access to Supreme Court appointments to show for it.

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