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Pope on gay marriage: "a new ideology of evil"…

Shakespeare’s Sister on the Pope: “bite me”.

What a damn fabulous rant on the Pontiff’s (or more likely, his current caretakers) obsession over gay marriage, something he says “is insidiously threatening society.” Here’s a real riff from my fellow bloggrrrl:

The heathens among us might suggest that it is legitimate and necessary to ask ourselves if those are not perhaps part of an old ideology of evil that has twisted the words of a man who intended good for humankind, so as to enslave the masses to the voracious whims and insatiable appetites of a religious elite that indoctrinates its patrons through intimidation and mandatory self-denial.

Bite me, old man.

And when you’re done chomping on my juicy bum, you can get in your popemobile and drive into the twenty-first century, where people who give a shit about other people refuse to be beholden to your culture of fabricated good and evil, delineated by distinctions that are predicated not on whether what one does has an ill effect on others, but whether it undermines the fearmongering upon which you depend to keep your ignorant adherents putting their tithes in your precious baskets every week.

Ouch. I couldn’t say it better myself. Go read the rest!

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding